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We take care of serving the customer in all his needs: from the mannequin to the creation of a sales point.

Sale, furniture, consultancy, set-up. We take care of everything, we have been doing it for over 20 years.

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an impactful exposure

Bright and opaque cubes to complete your environment, shop or club with style.

we have collaborated with:

Among our customers we can name leading brands and companies in Italian fashion.

design & restyling

THE FUTURE is Now your

Contact us for information on the renewal of your store. Together we will devise a complete or partial restyling of your environment, adapting it to new trends.




+39 0422 882310


+39 348 4165470


8: 30/12: 30 - 14: 00/19: 00

From Monday to Friday


Send us an email for service orders, for information on details and technical diagrams.


Transport secured by carrier BRT, su scoop.

Goods available in Italy / Europe warehouse prompt delivery.

Transit H.24 - North H.24 / 36 - Center H.48 Calabria and major islands.

The transport costs will be communicated in the estimate phase 


The payment methods are related to the negotiation.

The available methods are as follows:

  • bank transfer in advance
  • Cash on delivery and / or cash upon arrival of goods (extra costs are foreseen)
  • cashier's check made out
  • Agreements with Riba Bancaria

International Contact

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